under International Committee of Slavonic Scholars

In October 1955 the Meeting held in Belgrad adopted the decision on the establishment of the Terminological Commission attached to the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars.

In the period of 1958–1963 the Terminological Commission which included in that time of two subcommissions one of linguistics (chaired by O. V. Isachenko) and of literature (chaired by D. D. Blagoy) was chaired by D. D. Blagoy.

Following Prof. L. Andreychins initiative to compile a Dictionary on Slavonic Linguistic Terminology was approved on the 1960 Prague Session of the International Terminological Commission (ICLT) affiliated to the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars. The Dictionary was developed by: the Czech Linguistic Commission (the Czhechoslovak Committee for Linguistic Terminology served as the basis for the compilation of the dictionary); Lusatian Sorbian Terminological Committee (identical in fact with the Department of Linguistics of the Serbian Institute of Ethnography); the committee consisted of H. Jench, H. Faska, F.Mihalk, H. Shewts, P. Pholkel); the Ukrainian terminological committee (chaired by A. S. Melnychuk, then O.B.Tkachenko and A. I. Bagmutova; the members of the Committee were A. A. Beletskiy, K. M. Gnatyuk, M.A.Zhovtobryukh, I. I. Kovalyk, N. A. Moskalenko and V. I. Perebeynos with the assistance of other leading scholars such as V. M. Rusanivskiy, L. S. Palamarchuk, T. B. Lukinova, N. P. Romanova); Belorussian Terminological Committee (under the guidance of M. R. Sudnik; the staff represented by A. I. Kiselevskiy, I.I.Luchits-Fedorets, . . Milkchnevich, A. I. Poluzhnui, G. A. Tsykhun). Russian equivalents were entrusted to A. B. Shapiro as a member of the commission at first, and then the Commission was chaired by V.G.Kostomarov and . . Reformatskiy afterwards. Bulgarian equivalents were provided by L. Andreychin in close cooperation with a number of other Bulgarian linguists. The Slovak linguistic terminology was elaborated by members of the L.Shtur Institute of Linguistics. The Polish section of DSTL was elaborated be W.Doroszewski in consultations and cooperation with numerous other members of Polish research centres; D.Buttler and H.Satkiewicz contributed significantly to the completion and revision of the Polish material for DSLT. Makedonian equivalents were prepared by B. Vidoeski, R. Igrinova-Skalvska, B. Koneski, K. Toshev. Serbo-Croat equivalents were handled by P. Ivic, D. Brozovic. The Slovene section was chaired by T. Logar, and then J. Toporishich; equivlents also were checked by F. Tomshich, A. Baets. The English equivalents were etrusted to R. Auty, L. Newman, J. Vachek, A. Skalichkova; French P. Garde; German R. Ruzhichka (with the assistance of G. Bergman, E. Eichler, E. Ising, R. Klappenbach, W. Sperber, A. Steube, D.Viehweger; with G. Walther in arranging capacity) [from the Preamble of the first Volume of the Dictionary of Slavonic Terminology:Slovník slovanské lingvistické terminologie. . Dictionary of Slavonic Linguistic Terminology / Vĕd. red.; . .; Scient. Ed. Alois Jedlička. Praha: Academia, 1977. Svazek 1. 553 str.; 1979. Svazek 2. 483 str.].

Since 1963 untill 1968 the Commission on linguistic terminology (with such name) continued to work under the guidence of O. V. Isachenko. The head of the Commission on terminology of literature (with such name) became Y. Krzyżanowski.

In the perid of 19681978 the both commissions were permanently headed by Y. Kryzhanivskyi (the Commission on linguistic terminology) and Yan oretsky(the Commission on terminology of literature), the latter chaired the commission until 1998.

In 1977 the 1-st Volume of the Dictionary of Slavonic Terminology, which included 2266 notions-terms, organized in systemic and equivalents thereof on 11 Slavonic languages (Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Lusatian Sorbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croat, Slovenian) and on 3 western languages (English, French, German) was published in Prague.

In 1979 . the 2-nd Volume of the Dictionary including alphabetical registers of terms on all 14 languages was published.

Since 2008 . until 2013 . the Terminology Commission (“”) was chaired by V. Tatarinov (Russia). The Commission was represented by: of Russia . (the chairman), . (the deputy chairman), . (the secretary), . , . , . ; of Ukraine .; of Belrus . ; of Poland S. Gajda, W. Zmarzer, J. Lukszyn; of Bulgaria .; of Finlanld I. Vehmas-Lehto, I. Kudashev. General provisions, targets and projects are laid down in the Program of the Commission 20082013.

In 2009 the 1-st volume of the theoretical journal on issue of terminology established by the Terminology Commission Slavonic Terminology was publishe ( : / . . . . . .; : , 2009. 1).

On the resolution of XV International Convention of the Slavists held 2027 August 2013 V. Ivashchenko (Ukraine) was put in charge the Terminology Commission under International Committee of Slavonic Scholars (C ICSS) on the period of 20132018. The Commission began its work with the following membership: Ukraine . (the chairman), . (the secretary), . ; Belrus . (the deputy chairman), . , . , . ; Poland S.Gajda,W.Zmarzer,J.Lukszyn,E.Wolnicz-Pawłowska,M. Małachowicz; Russia . , ., . , . , . , . ; Croatia M.Bratanić, M.Mihaljević,L.Hudeček,K.Lewis; Slovenia M. Žagar Karer,M. Jemec Tomazin,T.Fajfar; Czech R.Kocourek,I. Bozděchová; Serbia . ; Macedonia .. General provisions, targets and projects are laid down in the Program of the Commission 20132018.

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a large-scale military invasion of independent and peaceful Ukraine. The Terminology Commission under International Committee of Slavonic Scholarsstrongly condemns Russia's unprecedented military aggression against independent Ukraine, terminates the membership of the Russian delegation in the commission and calls on the Presidium of the ICSS to suspend the Russian Committee representation on the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars and deprive them of official membership.

We also call on the world scientific community to make every effort to end the war!

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