under International Committee of Slavonic Scholars


On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a large-scale military invasion ofindependent and peaceful Ukraine, destroying homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, maternity hospitals, settlements and strategic facilities. Peaceful people and children are dying from air bombings and shelling of Ukrainian cities. There is a threat of nuclear danger, as the Russian occupiers are shelling the power units of Ukraine's nuclear power plants, which could cause a man-made disaster for the whole of Europe!

The Terminology Commission under International Committee of Slavonic Scholars (ICSS) strongly condemns Russia's unprecedented military aggression against independent Ukraine, terminates the membership of the Russian delegation in the commission and calls on the Presidium of the ICSS to suspend the Russian Committee representation on the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars and deprive them of official membership.

We also call on the world scientific community to make every effort to end the war!