under International Committee of Slavonic Scholars


On the 10thand 11thMay 2019 in the organization of the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Croatian Science Foundation and the VERN' university, the International Conference E-dictionaries and E-lexicography was organized, with a session on e-terminology on which the members of the Terminological commission participated. The aim of the conference was to bring together the researchers in the field of e-lexicography from Croatia and abroad and to present Croatian e-lexicography to the public and introduce it to the relevant international trends in e-lexicography. More than a hundred lexicographers from fourteen countries participated at the conference and the keynote speakers were three top experts in e-lexicography: Stefan Engelberg, Simon Krek, and Polona Gantar. More about the conference see on http://ihjj.hr/mreznik/page/e-rjecnici-i-e-leksikografija/8/.